Halloween 2020 - Sweet and Safe

This event will allow families to stay in their car and trick-or-treat in the safest way possible as we navigate COVID-19. Any churches, businesses, or community partners wishing to participate should contact Carrie Venable at cvenable@mtairy.k12.nc.us or 336-786-8355.
Things to Know:
For families planning to participate in this sweet and safe event, there are a few things you should know.
-We will not open the event until 5:00 PM. Our school and partner booths have a limited time to set up and they will not be ready until 5:00 PM.
-Vehicles that arrive prior to 5:00 PM will be directed to circle around. (Orchard Street, Hay Street, to N. South Street). Due to the stoplight at Orchard Street and N. South Street, any line being started at the entrance of the event would cause a traffic jam on N. South Street and Orchard Street.
-It is recommended that families either come straight down Orchard Street for the event or drive in front of Mount Airy High School and turn right on Orchard Street.
-The event will end at 6:30 PM. We are balancing a fun event for our community and being respectful of our staff members who are working this event and away from their families on Halloween. We also are still searching for that endless supply of candy. :D
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