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I am a 1999 graduate of Radford University.  I have taught K-4th grades and have enjoyed every minute of it!  I have two daughters, Ava and Josie, that both attend MACS.  I'm very excited to be teaching 3rd grade!:)


Homework 2/22

Written response to our basal story "Gertrude Ederle"
3.NF.2 practice sheet---fractions on a number line
*AIG informational meeting at 5:30 tonight
*Read to Achieve question/answer meeting tonight at 6:30

Homework 2/18

*Complete the passage and comprehension "Washington Rides Again"
*Answer the following question in their notebooks:
"Draw a model for the fraction 2/6.  Explain what the numerator and the denominator represent in the fraction 2/6.
*Our bubble gum celebration for portfolio R.L.3 will be tomorrow, February 19th.  If your child has qualified there will be a certificate in their folder this afternoon.  
*We will still have dismissal at 11:30 on 2/26.
*Class pictures have been rescheduled for March 4th.

Homework 2/8/16

Reading: Read 20 minutes or listen to "Symphony of Whales" on youtube
Writing: Informative Writing prompt
Valentine boxes need to be here for our exchange on Friday, February 12th.  I sent home paper that your child may use to decorate them if they wish.
Please sign and return the green sheet in your child's folder today.  :)

Homework 2/4

Reading: 20 minutes
Math: Drawing Quadrilaterals
Spelling: Fry Word Assessment Tomorrow
*Our Leader In Me program begins at 10:15!  :)
*Wear your favorite Panther or Bronco gear tomorrow!
*Valentine Lists came home today.  We will be exchanging Valentine's and having a small snack next Friday, February 12th.

Homework 2/3

Reading: Matter Comprehension
Math: Sheet on Quadrilaterals
*Be looking for your child's Mid-Year Score report to be coming home by next week.  Some of you will notice that I've requested a conference as well.  Please sign that you've seen the report and return it to me.  Thank you!  :)

Homework 1/14

Fry Word Assessment tomorrow.  Please review your list!  :)
Topic 9 Assessment will be tomorrow.  We reviewed in class today and that review is in your child's folder.  Please go over it with them.
Finish up the matter booklet that we started in class.  If your child finished in class, please check over their answers with them.

Homework 1/11/16

Reread Lesson 1/Matter on page F4.  Answer questions #1-#19 on the outline.  We started this activity in class, so your child should only have a few of these left to do.
Study your new list of words.
**We have begun MOY Assessments.  Please remind your child to take their time when reading and answering the questions.  Go back into the text and use details to support their answers as well.  :)

Homework 1/6/16

Read "Seeing Stars" from our basal reader
Complete the 'What's My Rule?' sheet

Homework 12/16

Science:  Read Lesson 3 of Forces and Motion.  Complete BOTH SIDES of the outline as well. 

Homework 12/15

REMINDER---Please have your child bring in his/her book for the book exchange by this Friday, December 17th.
READING: 20 Minutes
MATH: Study Multiplication Facts

Homework 12/8

Please forgive me....We were working so hard this afternoon that I forgot to remind the children to get their midterm progress report out of their mailboxes!  If your child did not make it home with one, it will come home with them tomorrow.  So sorry!
Science: Pushes and Pulls
Math: Review for Topic 7 Assessment
Spelling: Study Fry Words

Homework 12/7

Language: Main Idea Sheet
Math: Division Practice Sheet
          Study Multiplication Facts
Spelling: Study Fry Words

Homework 12/2

Reading: 20 minutes
Science: Complete the Forces and Motion sheet
Math: Division Practice---Today I introduced the children to division with remainders.  Ask them to explain to you how DMSB works!  :)