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I am a 1999 graduate of Radford University.  I have taught K-4th grades and have enjoyed every minute of it!  I have two daughters, Ava and Josie, that both attend MACS.  I'm very excited to be teaching 3rd grade!:)


Homework 12/1

Can you believe it's already December?  
The children and I have set a class goal for each child to pass "The Magical 36" of multiplication by December 22nd.  We're hoping to earn extra recess time with Mr. Dorsett upon completion AND to have all class members ready to start the Multiplication Regatta Race after Christmas break.  I know we can do it!! :)
MATH: Fact Families with multiplication and division
            Practice multiplication facts
Reading: Read 20 minutes
Language: Main Idea practice
                   Study Spelling Words

Homework 11/30

Welcome back!  I hope you all had a restful Thanksgiving break! :)
Reading:20 minutes
Math:Division Sheet
Spelling:Study Fry Words
Language:Main Idea Sheet

Homework 11/12

Study your words....TEST TOMORROW!  :)
Comprehension---Responsibility of Citizens
*Continue to study your multiplication facts!!
*Skate night is TONIGHT :)
*Penny Wars starts next week...see the flyer in your child's folder.

Homework 11/9

Distributive Property of Multiplication 
Keep practicing your multiplication facts too!
Study your new list of Fry Words
Proper Nouns
*Picture Retakes are TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10th.  Sorry about the misprint last week! :)

Homework 11/4

Community Connections Comprehension
Multiplication Sheet
Study your words...TEST FRIDAY:)
*REMINDER--We go to the book fair tomorrow!  Yay!  Bring $ if you wish to purchase a book.
*Topic 6 Math Test on Friday

Happy Halloween! :)

Reminder that there will be no school on Friday, October 30th.  Enjoy your long weekend!  

Monday's Homework 10/26/15

Math: Complete the 'Monday' column on the math menu
Reading: Read 20 minutes (I suggested to the children that they reread their social studies notes/packet because we have a test tomorrow on modifying and adapting to the environment.)
Language: Main Idea Sheet
*Tomorrow is team day---dress in your favorite team attire with a $1 donation
*Next week is the book fair
*Early release this Thursday
*Teacher work day this Friday

Homework 10/20

Math: Complete #13-#24 on our math packet from yesterday.
Language: Syllable Pattern VCV sheet
*Remember to wear orange on Wednesday to take a stand against bullying.
*Please be sure to have your child get plenty of rest tonight and eat a good breakfast in the morning.  We'll be taking our math benchmark assessment on Wednesday and it always helps to be well rested!  :)  The children haven't been talked to much about this because I didn't want them to get over anxious, but thought you'd like to help them be prepared to do the best they can!

Homework 10/15

*Language: Author's Purpose Practice
*Math: Complete #7-#12 on the Unit 4 Review...TEST MONDAY (Not Friday:)
*Please remember to sign and return math test from topic 3.
*Please also return the permission form for next Tuesday's field trip.

Homework 10/14

Language:  Vowel Digraph Sheet
Math: Complete problems 1-6 ONLY as a review for Friday's topic 4 assessment.
*Please return the permission form for our field trip to the Andy Griffith Playhouse on October 10th.  
*If you've not already returned your child's Topic 3 math assessment signed, please do so.

Homework 10/13

Reading: Looking for meaning using context clues---worksheet to use with this week's basal story
*If you would like to donate items for our class, we're in need of more Expo Markers to use during our math lessons.  Each child has a small white board that they use to solve problems and as you can imagine; we run through them pretty quickly!  Thank you in advance!  :)

Homework 10/7

*Read 20 minutes
*Daily Spiral Review 4-2
*Study for Landforms test which will be tomorrow, October 8th.

Homework 10/6

Math: Quick Check 4-1
Reading: Practice identifying author's purpose
Reminders: Field trip money and forms are due 
                   No school on Friday, October 9th 
                   Field trip to Riverside Farms will be Monday morning, October 12th