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I am a 1999 graduate of Radford University.  I have taught K-4th grades and have enjoyed every minute of it!  I have two daughters, Ava and Josie, that both attend MACS.  I'm very excited to be teaching 3rd grade!:)


Homework 10/5

Math: Problem Solving Review
Reading: "Sum Difference" Cross-Curricular Comprehension
*Reminder--Picture Day is tomorrow!

A few reminders...

*Wear BLUE on Monday to show stand against bullying!
*Picture Day is Tuesday, October 6th
*If you've not yet returned your child's permission slip/money for our field trip to Riverside Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze---please get it in ASAP.  We'll be traveling on October 12th!:)
*No school next Friday, October 9th.
Try to stay dry this weekend!  :)

Homework 10/1

Math: Complete the study guide for Topic 3.  The unit assessment will be tomorrow, October 2nd. 
Reading: Complete the Cross-Curricular Reading Comprehension passage titled "Estimation".

Homework 10/1

Math: Estimation Word Problems
Reading: Read this week's basal story "Supermarket" with your mom and dad.
*Please remember to sign and return your child's Topic 2 Math Assessment that was sent home in their folder.

Homework 9/29

Math: Spiral Review 3-2
Reading: Read 20 minutes :)
If you were not able to attend parent/teacher conferences, you will find your child's progress report in their homework folder.  There will also be a copy of his/her PEP.  Please be sure to sign BOTH and return them to me.  Thank you!

Homework 9/23

Reading: Read 20 minutes
Math: Problems 10-15 on the back of last night's homework sheet.
Please be sure to take a look in your child's planner for confirmation on your conference time.  I'm looking forward to meeting with each of you! :)

Homework 9/15

Language Arts: Complete the word endings worksheet.
Social Studies:Study notes in your Social Studies notebook for our Maps and Globes Assessment TOMORROW, September 16th. 

Homework 9/14/15

Reading: Read 20 minutes and complete the visualization activity in your folder.
Social Studies: Begin reviewing your notes for our maps and globes assessment on Wednesday.

Homework 9/9

Good afternoon!  Please remember if you have not yet sent in your child's notebooks, we really need them as soon as possible.  If for any reason you cannot purchase these, please let me know and I'll see what I can do for you.
Your child should be bringing his/her work folder today.  Please be sure to sign the sheet that I stapled into their folder and remove the work that is being sent home.  You'll only need to sign that sheet each Wednesday.
READING: Please read 20 minutes and answer one of the questions on your reading log.

Homework 9/8

Good afternoon!  I hope you all enjoyed the three day weekend!  
Reading:  Read 20 minutes and complete the visualization worksheet in place of a question on their reading log.  Please be sure to still sign the log though!:)

Homework 9/3

Good afternoon!  In your child's folder this afternoon you will not only find their homework, but you'll also see that I've placed work samples in SOME folders with an option to redo for more credit.  If you choose not to go back and look at that with your child, the grade that's listed will be what will stay in the grade book.  You do not have to rework for more credit.
READING: Read 20 minutes and fill in your log!  Remember--reading logs are due tomorrow!! :)
MATH: Complete 1-5 review

Homework 9/2

Good afternoon!  We took our first quiz today during Social Studies on all of our location information: continent, country, state, county, city, address.  I will be returning those to your child tomorrow.  If they are not happy with their grade, they will have an opportunity to retest on Friday.
READING: Read 20 minutes and fill in your reading log.  Focus first on this week's basal story "Charlie McButton".
MATH:  Review Sheet 1-4 ONLY.  This sheet has homework 1-5 on the back side but your child is only responsible for 1-4 tonight.

Homework 9/1

Good afternoon!  Today we began bringing home our take-home folders.  Any homework assignments listed in your child's planner, other than reading for 20 minutes, can be found in their folder.  Please return it each day.  REMINDER--graded papers and/or class work will be sent home each Wednesday.  Also, please be sure to sign your child's planner each night.
READING--Read 20 minutes and fill in the reading log
SOCIAL STUDIES--Study the bull's eye chart covering the continent, country, state, county, and city that we live in.  We will be having a QUIZ on this material tomorrow afternoon! :)

Homework 8/31

Read 20 minutes and be sure to use the new reading log.  Also, please review the following information with your parents: the name of your continent, country, state, county, and city.